The Right Solution for Your Aerospace Inspection Task

YXLON industrial X-ray (DR) and computed tomography (CT) systems for non-destructive testing are designed to meet the most critical aerospace/defense standards and ensure the safe, reliable inspection of aircraft parts and materials.
Quality specifications for turbine blades in aerospace are very rigorous. At the same time, the complexity of turbine blade design is being driven by an effort to maximize efficiency. This makes industrial X-ray inspection during production critical in areas such as:

  • Detecting cracks, inclusions or corrosions
  • Measuring wall thicknesses or confirming the position of cooling bores
  • Inspection of wax or ceramic molds to avoid production faults

To ensure constant inspection quality and repeatability, technical features in YXLON industrial X-ray and computed tomography (CT) systems support the operator at the inspection process. Y.HDR-Inspect provides impressive live image quality and increases inspection security as well as speed.

During the course of maintenance and repairs, turbine blades are welded and then subsequently inspected for cracks and welding flaws.

Computed tomography (CT) systems are used during the production of prototypes as well as for spot-check sample inspection. Wall thicknesses and cavities can be measured or the position of cooling bores determined using computed tomography (CT) during manual inspection, or inline using fully automatic defect recognition (ADR).