X-ray - Playing a Vital Role in the Automotive Industry

YXLON industrial X-ray (DR) and computed tomography (CT) inspection systems are widely used in quality assurance and development processes in the automotive industry. Parts are checked against structural requirements and safety regulations using X-ray to guarantee they comply.

YXLON industrial X-ray and CT inspection systems are used for defect inspection for tires as well as composite rubber and rubber-compound parts. In final finishing, foreign objects, flaws in reinforcement, and air inclusions are reliably detected using YXLON systems. Additionally, data about the build of each tire is collected for monitoring and production optimization. YXLON CT inspection systems are used in R&D and root cause analysis for non-destructive tire examination.  

An YXLON MTIS can be directly integrated into the production line inspecting every radial truck and bus tire and many passenger car tires. This X-ray inspection detects as well as rules out anomalies in steel wires (e.g. position, spacing, damage) along with:

  • Defects or missing wires in the belt plies
  • Air inclusions
  • Shifts and distortions in the reinforcement plies
  • Foreign objects

TireAXIS, YXLON's tire inspection software digitally and automatically examines tires for defects and gathers detailed information about the structural build of each one – valuable input for statistical process control in continuous production optimization. The location of the tire bead on the wheel can be visualized in a tangential scan by conducting a manual X-ray of individual tire & wheel units.

With the YXLON CT Tire inspection system, the tire or tire & wheel unit is captured three-dimensionally via computed tomography. The resulting images are used for three-dimensional geometric measurement of the tire’s structural components. This system is frequently used in R&D departments to verify new tire design prototypes and in root cause analysis.