Further Fields of Application

The Right Solution for Your Individual Inspection Task

With an YXLON industrial X-ray system you have the flexibility to test a wide range of different materials and parts with one system – for example testing and measuring casted, 3D-printed or multi-material parts.
Additive manufacturing is a ‘process in which the workpiece is built up in successive layers or units’ (according to VDI 3405). Compared to conventional manufactured parts, additive manufactured parts can be more lightweight and have more functions. Nevertheless, additive manufactured parts have similar defects such as structural irregularities (pores, cavities, cracks) and geometrical deviations (insufficient wall thickness).

Today there are several initiatives from organizations like ASTM, ISO, NPL, BAM, VDI to develop guidelines for non-destructive testing for additive manufactured parts. Due to recent advancements in non-destructive X-ray and CT inspection systems, YXLON customers will be ready to take advantage of new regulations and norms for added manufactured parts.

Computed tomography (CT) is the leading technology used to deliver critical information about the condition of added manufactured parts. For precision and cost savings, YXLON CT delivers exact 3-dimensional data and measurements of internal structures without part destruction.

The benefits of CT imaging are obvious when supporting faster prototyping using 3D printing. This is particularly true for comparisons to the related CAD model and for analyzing limitations to geometrical structures and the manufacturing process. CT is also perfect for acquiring accurate measurements on small and internal features using industrial metrology methods.

Your current ‘application lifecycle management’ capabilities will need to become more precise in order to adhere to future industry regulations. 
This is true for production of complex aerospace, automotive and medical products, where any failure endangers product reliability and/or the physical health of the end-users.

You need to be prepared. Companies who want to ensure the maximum quality of additive manufactured parts will benefit from YXLON’s portfolio of advanced, future-ready X-ray and CT inspection systems and world-class service support. YXLON is positioned to be your partner in growth.