New Detector - YXLON ORYX1616

As electronic components, semiconductor devices are the key elements of the majority of electronic systems. Due to their compactness and density, their testing requires maximal image resolution at low power and low voltage.

Faster inspections with the new detector
  • Expanded field of view (1280 x 1280 pixel) results 50% larger field of view compared to previous version
  • Better overview and faster working processes due to reduced steps in automated processes
Example: LED
  • In just one step pass/fail decision for four LED boards
Long-term stability at 24/7 operations and high image quality with lower x-ray dose
  • Optimized electronics for high speed and long-term stability at 24/7 operation
  • Long lifetime due to radiation resistant flat panel
  • Excellent contrast-to-noise ratio
  • High sensitivity enables operations with reduced dose
  • Minimized damage on sensitive components by using lower kV and power compared to other detectors but same image quality
  • With optional dose reduction kit the dose rate on sensitive components can be reduced additionally