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Here you will find all answers to the questions you've asked during our online launch events.
This page will be frequently updated with questions and answers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

What is the delivery time of the system?
The delivery time of the UX20 is approximately 9 weeks.

What is the size of the detector?
We offer two detectors with the UX20. Both are 16 bit detectors. The smaller one is Y.Panel 2323 HB and has an active area of 229 mm x 229 mm. The larger one is Y.Panel 4343 DX-i and has an active area of 432 mm x 432 mm.

How long does the installation take?
The UX20 can be installed within half a day, and requires additional time for training.

Do you have trainings available?
Yes, basic system training is available. Additional trainings will become available within the next few months. When they are made available they will be listed on our YXLON Academy page.

Do you offer also 320 and 450 kV?
With our UX20 we offer two kV classes, which are 160 and 225 kV. For applications that require 320 or 450 kV, we suggest you to consider acquiring an YXLON MU2000.

Is an XL version of the UX20 available?
The maximum part size for the UX20 is 1090 mm / 1100 mm, which is larger than a standard MU2000. Currently we do not offer an XL version of the UX20.

Can I upgrade the system to ADR and/or robot loading in the future?
Thanks to our Geminy platform it is easier and faster for us to convert features like ADR or S-ADR, once they are developed. Other part loading mechanisms, like robot loading, will be evaluated later.

How long does an average scan take?
The scan duration depends on the required scan quality and sample material, there is no standard scan time. The UX20 is very stable and can execute scans from a few minutes to hours depending on your specific needs.

For more information, please visit the product page of our YXLON UX20!