YXLON: Now an Official Technical Partner of Lotus F1 Team

Hamburg, 17.06.2015, YXLON International, worldwide leading producer of X-ray and CT systems for industrial applications, is proud to join the British outfit Lotus F1 Team as a technical partner and to contribute with its technology to the team’s achievements in a global sport where technology plays an essential role. To this effect, YXLON will provide its proven Y.MU2000-D X-ray system in a special configuration that includes Variofocus tube and computed tomography (CT). In the future, Lotus F1 Team intends to carry out most of their inspection tasks with this X-ray system, thus optimizing their inspection processes.

  Primarily, the Y.MU2000-D will expand the equipment of Lotus F1 Team’s NDT (non-destructive testing) department, as well as the high demands of their inspection department, which is often active 24/7. Lotus F1 Team are in no doubt they will receive tremendous benefits by using the system and they plan to take full advantage of its capabilities. 

Adrian Talbot, technical supervisor of the NDT department, explains what objectives the deployment of the Y.MU2000-D with 225 kV is aimed to achieve: “By adopting digital radioscopy, our general inspection processes will become quicker and consequently we will be able to turn cars around much faster between races. We will also be able to significantly increase the quality of single components both during development and production. With the use of 75 seconds-quick computed tomography, we will be able to give up cost-intensive disassemblings of high-quality parts in the future. Structural analyses of various materials, including fiber composites, damage analyses and nominal/actual comparisons to CAD data, can be realized much faster and more precisely than with other technologies. This will have positive repercussions on the overall quality and safety of our racing cars but also help reduce costs and facilitate a faster deployment of technology innovation.”

For over 15 years the Y.MU2000-D system has been proving its reliability and flexibility in multiple applications all over the world, including a large range of samples and materials in the automotive, aerospace and other industries. Its state-of-the-art status is due to continuous and ongoing development, various options and upgradeability. Whether the system is used to spot check or serial inspection, the Y.MU2000-D is the complete, wide range solution for inspection tasks; and has been used dependably in research & development, in institutes and labs, and in production, even in rough environments.

The optional Variofocus tube Lotus F1 Team system is equipped with extends the bandwidth of inspection parts thanks to the scalable focal spot ranging from 250 µm at 290 W up to 800 µm at 1600 W, with optimum detail detectability. The optional CT function enables the operator to easily and quickly change from digital radioscopy (DR) to 2D and 3D computed tomography in order to obtain more detailed information about material, defects and inner structures.

Gina Naujokat (Marketing Communications), T.: +49 40/52729-404, gina.naujokat@hbg.yxlon.com