Control 2017 – YXLON Sets the Focus on Metrology

Hamburg, May 8, 2017: This year’s trade-fair presentation from YXLON is going to revolve primarily around the topic of metrology using computed tomography. The main attraction: a new version of the CT systems YXLON FF20 CT and YXLON FF35 CT will be presented that is targeted to appeal to metrologists.
The advantage of CT systems in measurement technology is that, unlike optical and tactile methods, inner structures and material boundary surfaces can be measured with extremely accurate precision as well. The fully automatic, standard-compliant acceptance test procedure in accordance with the German VDI/VDE 2630-1.3 guideline ensures system traceability: measurements that deviate from the calibrated YXLON standard test specimen are automatically determined and documented. Alongside the system component status, the readiness to measure is equally signalized on the system health monitor and color-highlighted. The precision mechanics used involving a granite-based manipulator, longitudinal scales and angle measurement module on the turntable all fulfill the highest demands placed on accuracy and precision. Temperature stabilization within the CT system inspection envelope has been optimized for metrological assignment, too: the cooler is located outside the cabinet and can be relocated to a separate room when the need arises. The temperature range for Class 3 measuring rooms is reached inside the inspection envelope, thus minimizing the influence of material expansion.

In addition to further enhancements of the graphic user interface for touchscreen operation, the convenient and very rapidly executable “one-slice reconstruction” is a major gain. It allows corrections and settings made on one singly reconstructed slice to be checked and optimized. Afterwards, the complete dataset including extremely accurate surfaces offers unlimited options for measurement due to the fully captured, nearly infinite measurement point density. Additional software packages are supported to such a degree that the 3D volumetric image is automatically loaded following the CT scan and a measurement “macro” can be performed.

What’s more, the YXLON MU2000-D with its own CT option is going to come into play at the trade fair, too. Successful on the market since 1997, 600 of these universal X-ray systems have meanwhile been sold. The system has been continuously upgraded over the years and includes the latest developments in the fields of radiographic, radioscopic and CT technology, which have consequently maintained its state-of-the-art status. The system’s new features and options are also going to be presented at Control 2017. Not to mention YXLON Cheetah, the microfocus system primarily used in the electronics sector, which is naturally going to have its place at the booth, too.

Gina Naujokat
Marketing Communications