Finally, Control in real life again!

After two predominantly digital years, Yxlon is gearing up for the upcoming Control: Two X-ray systems from two product families will be driven from Hamburg to Stuttgart to be demonstrated live to visitors. People with parts brought along will have the opportunity to check the system's capabilities in-depth. In addition, information about innovations and the latest state of the art will complete the package.

YXLON UX20 is a compact, robust radioscopy system designed to inspect medium to large test parts in production environments. With a power of 225 kV, it provides fast fluoroscopy of aerospace components, castings, plastics, special alloys, or ceramics. Direct switching between DR and computed tomography within an inspection sequence enables precise and reliable results in quality assurance, failure analysis, and assembly check, even allowing the testing of small batches using programmed inspection sequences. At Control, the UX20 will feature the optionally available new MesoFocus tube, whose spatial resolution is equivalent to microfocus tubes.
YXLON FF35 CT belongs to the family of high-resolution laboratory systems, which finds its use for detailed CT analyses of small to medium-sized parts. Due to the potential configuration with two independent tubes - a 225 kV reflection tube and an additional 190 kV nano-focus transmission tube - the system covers a wide range of applications in research & development, failure analysis, process control, quality assurance, and material analysis. FF35 CT is also available as a climate-controlled metrology system with an MPESD of 5.9 µm + L/75 [L=mm] for precise measurements of internal structures.

Both systems are operated intuitively and easily via the Geminy software platform, which uses graphical icons, wizards, and various presets to ensure the best results for every user. Such is the case with the YXLON UX50 CT system introduced earlier this year, which brings with its 450 kV X-ray tube fast computed tomography for large and dense parts to the production environment. The UX50 is a robust system with a generous inspection area, whose possible equipment with both flat-panel and line detectors and their motorized changeover at the push of a button within an inspection sequence offers ultimate flexibility regarding parts and inspection tasks. All information on the UX50 is also available to interested visitors from the Yxlon team in Hall 3 at Stand 3305.


 International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance, Stuttgart, 03.-06. May 2022